I want a video to go viral


It hardly seems like two years ago – but according to YouTube it is.

The BBC Radio 4 programme decided to make a video to go viral . As I write it has had 70101 views – it is a really shite video. I don’t know who made it (actually I don’t care enough to try to find out). I don’t know the number of people who listen to Today on Radio 4 every day – but close on 1,000,000 a day would be a fair guess.

Friends School Lisburn launched a video seven days ago. Within 24 hours it had 10,000+ views. Tonight it has 285,411 views on YouTube. This is one small school in Northern Ireland – that, my friend is viral.

How do you make a video go viral?
1 – Make sure the content is better than great – make sure it is fantastic.
2 – Make sure everyone involved is really, really, really proud of what they have done.
That is all.

If people have made something fantastic they will be proud of it and tell their friends. If it is fantastic their friends will tell their friends.

That’s how you make it ‘go viral’.

The idea is simple.

The creativity is the hard bit.

UPDATE: 16 Feb 2012

I’ve just come across this fantastic infographic which gives a fascinating  analysis of what makes content go viral:



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