Oh — forgotten about Posterous


It’s near the end of January and I have just remembered that I haven’t been near Posterous since my New Year Resolution (see previous).

And I’m not sure that I have missed it.

I’ve been spending more time on my own blog (links below), too much time on Facebook, but mainly for work rather than entertainment) and playing around with Google+. I’m not a fan, yet.

I’ve been spending a lot more time on LinkedIn and warming to it. It’s not as gossopy or light as Facebook nor is it as quick and digestible as Twitter. And nothing like Google+

It’s – to some extent – about audience differentiation. Yes a good proportion of people I am linked to on Facebook are also linked on Twitter. But it is not a 100% match – neither should it be. Some of the people I’m linked to on Google+ are also on Twitter and/or Facebook.

But rarely do I send out the same message on more than one platform – and I’m pretty sure never on all three. It annoys me a bit when I see someone send the same messages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

And I do appreciate seeing people posting different sorts of messages on different profiles.

The blog? The blog I suppose is about being more serious. I used to post exactly the same stories here and on the blog. But I’m moving on from that. I know very few people read the blog – I’m not sure who they are. But I really don’t know who reads Posterous.

But if you do and somehow you’ve missed my wit, insights and —erm — ahh — oh yes — decisive writing. He’s what I’ve posted on the blog recently:

PSNI Arrest a man for Facebook Comments

I thought that story would have go a lot more interest.

I want a video to go viral

And finally – after seeing too many people post the same message too often on several different platforms a heartfelt


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