Bury Me With Big Time

Bury me with Big Time.

When I’m dead, cross my arms and place GOT1 between my hands and my heart.

For tonight Punk was murdered.

When I die I will go to a better place – a place where And So I Watch You From Afar did not perform Big Time with the Ulster Orchestra.

A place where Brian Young is still young and punk.

When I die I will only have memories of the precious things – and I will forget the pretensions of strings and harps and a song with no beginning or end – just a doodling middle – with no words or drive or excitement. A great song – destroyed.

Bury me with Big Time – you’ll find it in the shed.

7 thoughts on “Bury Me With Big Time

  • Well said.

    I’m glad someone is prepared to call it for what it is and expose this revisionism of our musical heritage.

    Fair play to you Davy.

  • They’re called And So I Watch You From Afar.

    Good research.

    Punk had a time and place. Things move on. John Lydon sells butter. Iggy Pop sells car insurance.

    Northern Ireland, however, is still making some exceptional music.

  • The powers that be said reinvention I have another word *****.
    I normally don’t rant too much but this was totally disrespectful. Could nobody remember the words?

  • The whole thing was one great embarrassment. Everyone is too afraid to upset the powers that be and tell the truth.
    usual bloody suspects.

  • And of course you are right, Scott. Put it down to typing in extremis – thanks for the correction and yes there is still exceptional music being made here including from ASIWYFA.

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