Blogging Tips


I declare myself a really crap blogger. You can find plenty of evidence here.

  • I am inconsistant – rather than put any effort into it I only blog when I feel like it
  • I almost never research anything – opinion, opinion, opinion. Does anyone really need my opinion? Probably not.
  • I rarely ever visit other blogs and make witty or illuminating comments – or even boring ones.

But I read a lot of blogs and a lot about blogging. I know I’m crap (too few do), but I’ve also got a fairly good idea what makes a good blogger. So when the Nutrition Society  who had their Summer Meeting in Belfast earlier this week asked me to do a couple of workshops on blogging, I prepared this presentation.

In the end I didn’t use it – but had conversations about blogging – so no death by PowerPoint and they dod most of the talking – which is a much better way of doing things.


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