Confidence and Social Media


Some things don’t work without confidence.

Economies collapse without “confidence”; for example. Investors will not invest without “confidence”; for example.

If athletes set out to compete in the Olympics, are they likely to win Gold if they aren’t very confident about winning? “Confidence consistently appears as a key skill possessed by successful elite athletes, and international-level elite athletes have identified confidence as the most critical mental skill defining mental toughness.”

Granted, these examples are pulled off the web without much research. But I’m confident they illustrate my point.

Confidence is not a lack of humility. Confidence should encompass humility.  But it is important not to tip the balance to “over confidence” of course. Often more difficult than we expect.

Social Media is an act of public performance.

What many people fear is the response of the public. When I talk to people new to using social media, among the first questions is “But what am I going to say?” Even the most loquacious. The undercurrent of the question tends to be “What if I say something stupid?”

Confidence tends to grow with experience. People new to social media may not have that confidence, but yet they should approach with confidence.

In other words fake it ‘til you make it.

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