In praise of an app


Now there is a title I had never expected to write.

I am occasionally an early adopter – particularly free stuff. Less so with expensive hardware or where it all seems a bit “trendy” or “cultist”. So I didn’t bother with the iPad until the third iteration and a good deal in tax-free Guernsey. It works for me – but I expect similar hardware would be OK too.

No – this is in praise not of hardware, but an app. Specifically WIRED on iPad (other tablet versions are available).

I’ve been reading WIRED since number 3.05. I can say this with confidence because I used to keep then on a shelf in the house where we lived before moving here. But some things have to go.

I often would read the magazine with a computer beside me typing in the URIs mentioned in articles.

Now, no more. The paper edition still arrives in the post. The tablet edition is the one I read first. But it’s good to have the paper edition. I’ll recycle it next time I move house.

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