Digital Lunch: Belfast2020


Mick Fealty (editor founder and driving force behind Slugger O’Toole) organises weekly Digital Lunches on Google Hangout. Mick has kindly invited me to take part in several. This is todays. The synopsis from Slugger O’Toole:

“Today’s … is the first in a two lunchtime session which will consider the future of Belfast over a relative medium period. One that’s not completely bound by the three year budget rounds we have in Northern Ireland, and yet is not so far ahead that it is impossible to consider some issues in concrete terms.

The problem is of course that whilst much of the first years of the post conflict age was marked by abundance of resource there are now much fewer to be had either directly from the British and Irish states, or indeed the EU (where David Cameron and various other allies are today looking to contain transfers to Brussels).”

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