Producing content is Power



South Africa Broadcasting Corporation board member Lumko Mtimde today told audience of young people at a media and democracy conference “Power is producing content”.

Lumko Mtimde was keynote speaker at the Media Kidocracy Konference Conference organised by Capetown’s Bush Radio.

Talking to a group of about 120 young people he described the media landscape of South Africa; television, radio and print. He said that while radio and television are largely democratised in the country, print media is not.

While all people have the right to access to information, including in their own languages, there are still language challenges in television. The print media is much less democratised with only 14% of print media is owned by black people with 4 major players controlling not only the print media, but also the printing presses (used by community print organisations).

Talking about social media he told the audience “You need to know yourself before you can know the world.”

While challenging young people to adhere to professional ethics and to produce fair and balanced journalism, he told the audience “power is producing content”.

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