Tips for live tweeting


1 – Prepare, prepare, prepare

There are several things you should do beforehand

I.         Who do you expect your audience to be – always be aware of the audience.

II.         Equipment – you can do it on a mobile phone or tablet, but it is best to use a laptop – you will be using a site to manage your work …

III.         Select and test a #Hashtag. Look to see if the hashtag has been used recently by someone else – try for something unique to you #NICEM, #NICEMLive – try to keep it to 10 characters, preferably fewer.

IV.         Choose a website to help manage your work – e.g. Hoot Suite

V.         Make sure the venue has wifi or Ethernet available, If not get a dongle. If there is more than one of you, think about getting a mifi.

VI.         Get important speeches in advance. Highlight and copy important quotes.

VII.         Let your followers know you will be at the event and tweeting.

2 – Where you already have speeches, do check against delivery.

3 – Stay alert! Be careful not to misquote. Where you are quoting, use quotation marks. Where summarising, make it clear – “The Speaker says that …”

4 – Add rich media – get someone else to take photos and upload them – plan how you will work together.

5 – Monitor others who are tweeting and link to their tweets or RT.

6 – Use short form video like Vine.

7 – Try to use @Name where possible rather than just Name.

8 – Ignore trolls and hecklers. Credit positives (even critical positives).

9 – “Coming up soon …” – Entice but don’t be a spoiler

10 – Follow up. The tweeting shouldn’t end just because the event is over.

11- Record and report back. Tweets can be embedded on websites, or look at a service like Storify to create your report.

12- You are live and are always bound by law. If you make a mistake, admit it, say sorry and remove the tweet. But just because someone does not like what you said does not mean you should remove a tweet.


Here is some more good advice from AlaninBelfast

And additional advice from @georgemoore


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