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It is a fantastic privilege to have some of the people you admire most spend 10 – 20 minutes talking about an idea. People (who don’t know me) ask how we (Gary and I) select the speakers for TEDxBelfast. We are fortunate to know a lot of really interesting and inspiring people.

Last night I had the first opportunity to sit and watch all the speakers – previously I was running around sorting things. The intellect – it is not a bad word – the infectious inspiration, the ideas and passion were stupendous. I can’t wait to share the videos. It feels wrong to choose one moment, but Lisa returning the word dissident” to where it belongs in our lexicon, Tony expounding on how we need to share our education and more importantly why, Charo and Christine bringing an international flavour and how people from the most diverse communities can support each other, Andrew setting off idea bombs with every paragraph, Mark putting into context why we need to bring the ability to allow everyone to revolutionise technology regardless of academic achievement, Dave and Leon in very different ways demonstrating that adventure is on the street you run or the desert you cross Anne redefining leadership and Steve proving we can each have our own personal best.

And Gypsy’s Wish are flippin’ brilliant musicians. And Anne McReynolds was the best host we have had – no debate.

Thanks particularly to Lisa for Alternative Ulster and Steve for the Ramones – you made a not all that old man very happy

If you missed TEDxBelfast – check out this video


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