It’s not me Facebook – it’s you


facebook_unlike_butonDear Facebook,

We have been together for a long time now. We began to see each other regularly on 23 May 2007. It would be touching, you keeping a note of this date, if I didn’t think it was for an ulterior motive. 

Time has flown; it has been 7 years – and a few days.

  • Maybe it was the glut of posts about politics and elections over the last weeks,
  • Maybe it’s because my feed in turning into a round the clock edition of the Stephen Nolan Show,
  • Maybe it is the way you rearrange my messages so that I get 24 hour old posts at the top of the page because someone I know posted a comment recently.

Most likely though, it’s the way you increasingly go through my privacy – an sometimes allow others to do the same. Dear Facebook, is time we saw less of each other.

Now I’m not stupid, and you most certainly are not either. You have made yourself an integral part of western 21st century living. As someone who “works in social media” I cannot set you adrift in a digital sea. But I can use you as the tool you are.

  • We will no longer be going on long walks together.
  • We will no longer sit and watch TV together.
  • We will not be on holiday together.

The future of the internet might be mobile, but ours isn’t. You think you can use my phone microphone to listen to the TV and music I have on in order to “improve the facebook service”? My quotes, not yours. That – whether it is true or not – is the last straw. But sure, this has been coming for a long time.

  • I will check in on a desktop browser to do my work.
  • I will pick up messages, but encourage people to contact me at my address in the future.
  • I will continue to post – but mainly through Hootsuite.

The big problem that I will have to work out is engaging with other people using Facebook. But let’s take the problems one at a time as I encounter them.

It might not work out, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Your “Friend”

DavySims or as you know me: 663956402

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