In praise of easyJet … Honest!


In praise of a budget airline with world class standards.

The the last three years I have taken between 20 and 30 flights on easyJet. It has been consistently good to a pleasure. And half of those flights have been with someone needing “special assistance”.

Long gone the days when we passengers were herded into people corrals with the easyJet ground staff more like aggressive sheep dogs rather then caring shepherds. Our blood pressure up as we reached near panic, hepped up adrenalin and fear of not getting a “good” seat. Cabin crew whose attitude was “sit there, shut up, and do as you are told for we have the power and you are no more than walking freight. And have the right bloody change if you buy coffee!”

No longer.

I don’t know when the change occurred or the cause. Was it when Stavros the owner left? Allocated seating (which you can chose if you pay a small fee), staff trained to care, smile, be helpful. Humour and friendliness have supplanted dominance and aggressive directiveness.

The Belfast to Stansted yesterday departing about 3:00 pm may count as one of the best flights I have ever had with any airline.

I’m writing this in Stansted waiting for the Ljubljana easyJet to Ljubljana. I hope it matches expectations.


UPDATE The cabin crew were mainly the same crew on the Belfast flight. Excellent.


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