Why some web advertising doesn’t work


I’m sure everyone has examples. Among the promises of web advertising were to be that messages would be targeted, relevant and usable. Over the years advertising relevance has improved, but there are some glaring weaknesses.

Here’s one.

A few weeks ago I searched for flights from Belfast City Airport; Aer Lingus was among the airlines I checked out, but booked with another (and in my experience even if I had booked Aer Lingus, I would still be getting the messages below.

I’ve now completed my travels and am now in Slovenia. Aer Lingus does not fly to/from Ljubljana (or anywhere nearby that I can see). It’s not the airline’s fault, but looking up the opening hours of my local Mercator I got this page. I’d really rather have had information about this week’s offers.

Why some web advertising just doesn’t work

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