Ivan Corrigan ·Hello Davy / Ivan (Corrigan ) good speaking to you few weeks back , what about Rayanne House” on the Demense Road it has been here for years. Ivan.
I didn’t realise Herron’s (Church Road opposite the Iona) did takeaway food, so there’s an addition.
I know Rayanne well. In fact I knew the original Ray and Anne. Fantastic place and being on Demesne Road a hidden gem. I suppose the point of the blogpost is that I was drawing attention to the number of places on High Street. But yes, the Rayanne is in Holywood and at a stretch I could also add The Cultra Inn and the Culloden Hotel.
So that’s 44 places with – I’m told Johnny the Jig’s and the Anchorage on their way. I’m going to have to recount!