Me – Soft Machine – John Peel – Faces – 1972


It must have been 1974 or thereabouts. As I turns out it wasn’t — read on ….

It was the Top Gear 5th anniversary programme. This Top Gear was not a motoring programme – that was to come in a few years. Top Gear – who knows why it was called that [?]– was the name of John Peel’s radio programme on Radio 1.

My God it might have been 1972 … I was 16. Ohhhhhh it was!

Anyway, this week [starting 5 January 2015] “Marcus O’Dair’s biography of Robert Wyatt, a musical cult cum national treasure, is abridged in 5 parts by Katrin Williams”: has been on radio 4 — find it now on iPlayer. I’ve not thought of Wyatt as a national treasure before now, but I suppose he is. I do remember when he had the accident which left him as a wheel chair user, Peel asking people to send him letters. i started one – but figured I wasn’t smart enough to send a letter to Robert Wyatt, so didn’t.

I had a cassette – “Top Gear’s 5 anniversary programme” – so it was 1972. I recorded songs as Peel played them. While listening to the Radio 4 Programme this week all I could hear in my mind was this song which I had recorded on the cassette … tonight I found the song. In 1972, I stopped recording on my cassette machine at about 5 minutes in. Seriously – it is boring …. 4 years later Peel; would be promoting Clash and Pistols etc … This was the beginning of the end for Prog Rock ——
You youngsters … you have no idea. I hear a radio programme this week, I search YouTube tonight I find an obscure tune from my youth … and you share photos of cats.

Anyway if I remember rightly the next track was this from the Faces … much more fun than Soft Machine.

Now — go on — share your memory —-

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