I don’t have a car in Slovenia. So to get from my apartment to the upper terrace of Bled Castle takes about an hour to walk. The final gruelling 30 minutes is upwards is the equivalent of about 25 floors of a skyscraper. It feels like one of those climbing machines in a gym. You end up wet with sweat, needing a change of clothes. But a change and shower is not an option. Anyway, the whole point of a castle from medieval times is that it is defensive and therefore difficult to get to. It would be a bad castle architect that built in a valley!

So I arrived, with aching legs and just a little whiffy at 12:45 for the scheduled Interview with a View. There is a platform and a small area taped off. I could see chairs stacked ready to be set out. I ask a member of Castle staff if they know anything. He thinks the event is to happen there in that taped off area. I ask the man at the ticket office. He shrugs and says the same. I check the Bled Film Festival website and their Facebook and Twitter. Nothing to indicate a change of plans.So I begin my descent – but you have to admit – it is a lovely view.
When contacted a spokeswoman for Bled Castle said that the castle were expecting and prepared for the event. There has no response from the Bled Film Festival. A change to the programme was published onFacebook about an hour after this event – although this event and venue is still on the programme.