Originally published on Bled Film Festival Diary

Some of the cast and production team of the Arnold Rikli film premier at the Bled Film Festival

Arnold Rikli is held in high esteem in Bled. He is said to be the founder of tourism in the area having come to visit the lake some 160 years ago and declaring the efficacy of the climate and the waters of Lake Bled.

He is also said to be the father of nudism. [He] “was a Swiss natural healer and physicians and  proposed various therapies, mostly based on exposing the body to sun and air, called sun tanning, preferably done while naked.” Wikipedia

On Saturday afternoon hundreds of people from Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland (among other places) came to the premier of a new documentary about Rikli which premiered at the Bled Film Festival.  The film in German, Slovenian and English, brough together contemporary interviews with people related to Rikli  or involved with preserving his memory, beautiful archive material shot around Bled, readings from magazines reviewing Rikli’s techniques and historical re-enactments.
The film is beautifully shot and has a roundness to clarity to the story telling that makes it possible to understand even if you don’t speak German or Slovene. The pace is gentle and unrushed like a Rikli walk up Straza. The cinematography is beautiful.
It was an excellent final screening for the festival and was well received by a large audience.