It has been several months since I was blogging regularly. If you follow me on Facebook, you have possibly noticed that I am not active there any more. I visit once a day and “like” one or two stories. Sometimes – very rarely – I comment. But I don’t really post. On Twitter I spend more time promoting Slovenia than anything else. That does not mean I have not been active online.

Each week (apart from over the Christmas and New Year holidays) I post a blog Slovenia and Balkan News. I keep up a couple of other vaguely private blogs: The Seapark Gate is one. It is generally about social media and journalism, but I am adding other content to it now. It’s an old fashioned Web Log. On Flipboard, I have started a couple of new “magazines”.

Even though it is in hibernation remains my passion as does @LakeBledNews on Twitter. I am about to launch a new version of the website.

These musings are not private. Seapark Gate is open to anyone to see, but I don’t really promote it. Slovenia and Balkan News has a few subscribers and the Flipboard magazines are open to the public. I will probably promote them when I’m more confident about why (rather than what) I am doing.

There are other topics I have become interested in. If you know me you will not be surprised that Digital Tourism is one of them. I have been invited back to the Dublin Business School to teach Radio Production. So I think I will return to my Blog here at to post on tourism, journalism, production and so on. I doubt if I will ever go back to being active on Facebook, although it is a way for keeping in touch with people.

I became involved in podcasting almost 10 years ago. My interest waned, but now podcasting has become enormously important and there are hundreds of excellent – and thousands of crap – podcasts. I hope to find and share many of them, talk about how to make a podcast and even produce the occasional one.

So I shall be posting here information I find useful. Broad headlines will be Digital Journalism, Digital Tourism, Radio Production (I intend posting my teaching notes here for public consumption and please feel free to comment) Podcasting (production and consumption), Slovenia, Balkans and the rare personal story.

If you find them useful all the better, but it will be less personal. Less about me. And I suspect that is the way social media is heading. Smaller social networks, less public sharing of personal matters and making contributions less public.