The Radio Production Process – Part 3 Microphone Technique


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  1. Microphone technique: Yes the audience might need to hear your questions, but they are less important than the answers. The microphone is in your hand (whether it is part of the recorder or separate) and there is a natural tendency to bring the mic closer to your mouth. Avoid that at all costs. You must favour the interviewee, not the interviewer, even if that means the interviewer is “off mic”.

“Uh huh”, “Yea”, “hmmm, hmmm”. We are rarely conscious  of the noises we make in conversation when listening to someone speak. Next time you are in a bus or a train or a place where you cann;t avoid overhearing conversations. listen to the person listening, not the person talking. We all do it. We subconsciously encourage the person speaking. Do not do that in an interview. It sounds terrible and oddly unnatural, considering how natural it is.

You can still encourage the speaker, by nodding your head and suing encouraging facial expressions. It feels unnatural but it works … and the chances are the speaker will not notice.

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