Pilot Podcast – Martin Gilchrist

Davy Sims
Davy Sims
Pilot Podcast - Martin Gilchrist


“What are the keywords to describe this podcast?” I wonder.

Media, technology, entertainment, start-ups, business. They are good, but something more … Let’s say people, personality, innovation, ideas. You get my drift.

It’s a long time since I last made a series of podcasts. Podcasting has become a lot more popular. There are all sorts of new ways to publish a podcast. And I haven’t done an interview in a long time. So, I want to start from the beginning – especially as I am now teaching people how to produce podcast content. So I’m starting with a pilot – maybe even a second pilot later.

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Martin Gilchrist

My first interviewee for this podcast series is Martin Gilchrist. We met in The MAC in Belfast.  The MAC is a popular and accessible arts centre in the city. Popular with people interested in the arts, of course. But also a place where people involved in tech and startup businesses hang out sometimes.

Martin has been observing and participating in the startup community for as long as I have. The plan for this series is to talk with people, go to events, and get an idea of what’s happening.

Since I first started doing podcasts almost eight years ago, the impact of technology on business, journalism, tourism and other things I’m interested in has been enormous. So I hope that what I cover in these podcasts will be as wide as the subjects I’m interested in.

I’m Davy Sims and this is my podcast . I haven’t got a title yet, though.


If you want to ask Martin any questions or make comments or suggest other people I should talk to , then leave a message in the comments section.

Martin’s Website

We met at the MAC, Belfast’s Metropolitan Arts Centre.

One of the businesses we talked about was BrewBot 

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