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If you don’t know how to, the PR will give you interview tips …

Celebrity interviews and showbiz journalism have often – if not always – been … shall we say “different”. The “star” is locked behind a coterie of minders and managers and PR people, many of whom are bigger Divas than any “star”.

Demands on editorial control of text and photography by the PRs are traded for access to the “star”. And sometimes the musician/actor/”star” has no idea. It is particularly galling when as a journalist, you have been working with someone from early in their career; they become successful and this army of acolytes coalesce around the person you knew to prevent you or anyone else easy or even any access.

Mind you, when you are on the “right side” of the PRs and you are valuable to them, access, pleasant travel arrangements and rather nice restaurants are among the bonuses, as well as the all important interview.

Of course, the PRs know your job better than you do – or so it seems from the practices of’s Praetorian Guard. As The Telegraph’s Harry Wallop discovered when handed three pages of tips to help him interview.

In his Telegraph article Wallop writes

“Before I go to The Future, I am handed three sides of A4 by one of his PR people, entitled ‘Tips for maximizing your interview time with’. It informs me that I cannot discuss his income or net worth and includes the advice, ‘If he asks you to repeat or restate a question, this indicates that you need to ask crisper, more direct questions,’ along with various ‘fact checks’.”

You know, basic research.

He talks more about the experience on Media Show with Steve Hewlett.



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