Patetico: from Slovenia and cooler than the Sava during the spring thaw


I found this band and album by jumping from link to link, suggestion to suggestion. starting with Laibach, through to Melodrom and the next step was Patetico. It looks like the album “Vse je v redu z mojo dušo” (Everything in my soul is good) is their first, but I can’t find out much on this Slovene “cabaret” band with an Italian name (translates as “patetic”.

I say their album is their first, but a search in YouTube and there are several older videos. This “Vse, kar si želim v tem trenutku” (Everything you want at this time). is from 2011 suggests there is an album from around this time.

Well before then, in 2008, looking different but sounding the same, “Cigančica was added.

There is a Facebook page and after some hunting a YouTube channel.

Here is an iTunes link


Idea and text: Rok Vilčnik
Vocals: Niko Perunović
Drums: Cyril Sem
Piano: Dejan Berden
Double Bass: Tadej Kampl


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