Podcasting for Communities

podcasting-for-communities-book-coverThis is my new project; Podcasting for Communities

It is a book, podcast, blog, lectures (if anyone will have me) and training (if anyone requests it). All are intended for people, groups, organisations, teams and community organisations who want to learn about podcast and radio production. Perhaps they want to promote their activities, perhaps they want to campaign for change. Maybe they just want to do something creative.

The blog is regularly updated with information and interviews with podcasters and broadcasters.

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and soon on other podcast providers.

And you can download the book to Kindle from Amazon.

I also encourage you to tell me, at Podcasting For that you know better. Add your comments, tips and advice in the comments section, because after 40 years in broadcasting, radio production and the web, I have learned that there is always someone who knows better. So feel free to share.

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