Dej še’n litro – the name does not translate well in Bing or Google translators. Actually it translates as nonsense, which is probably appropriate. At the end of a good night on the town someone will turn to another and say “Let’s have another round.” Or “Dej še’n litro” in Slovene.

The only time I have seen them play was by accident. In September 2013 Dawn and I were staying in an Airbnb on Congress Square, Ljubljana. It was a terrible, wet night. Through the windows come this marvelous sound. Ono the big stage on the square was this group of 13 or 14 musicians playing fantastic Balkan brass band music. They were Dej še’n litro (day-shen litro).

When I started searching YouTube a couople of years ago, there was not much to be found. Now it is worth a search. Some videos are’t particularly good. My favourites are the performances on the street in Ljubljana in what looks like the Christmas shopping season.

And of course, mine from that night.