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In this series I’m  talking to podcasters, producers, writers and broadcasters about their work and their approach to podcasting. In this episode I’m talking to Belfast journalist Malachi O’Doherty who I have known and worked with for around 30 years.  His was one of the first voices in this series.
For the price a pot of tea and a bowl of soup Belfast’s legendary Book Finders shop and cafe allowed Malachi and me sit for over an hour to talk and think about what it is that we do.
Malachi is an early adopter of putting audio on his websites – long before podcasting existed he was using the web to archive his work. Trying to put Malachi into any convenient category is far from easy. His work, hobbies and interests constantly overlap. But the core is journalism. Malachi is always searching for a story to tell. He is a podcaster, photographer, journalist, writer, commentator in print and broadcast media. But he uses the web as his archive where he shares more than just reports.
Some people may know Malachi as a columnist for the Belfast Telegraph  I first met him when he was a freelance radio reporter in BBC Radio Ulster . He still reports and makes documentaries.
Malachi loves the kit: a fountain pen, a crisp new notebook, a Sony audio recorder, an SLR camera. He enjoys the platform and the format, YouTube, Podcast, Belfast Telegraph, Speaking to a crowd in a lecture theatre.
Chiefly he is a story teller; he has more stories to tell than there is time to tell them all. And a good podcaster is a story teller.
Links to Malachi’s work:
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