Back to work 2017


At some point over Christmas I began to write predictions for 2017; questioning algorithms, rise in media literacy and fixing the internet to make it a less horrible place – maybe that is about people rather than internet. 

Anyway, the first section was long and I decided to abandon the post. I do think these will be themes in the arriving year and I will probably be considering them both personally and I think professionally.

The “Podcasting for …” project was rested and reviewed and I have some plans for a new book – for trainee journalists – and a series of interviews on Reading, Writing, Interviewing, Recording and Editing as well as building teams and engaging though social media. The first teaser interview is available (below) and the first full interview will be posted tomorrow 5 January.

Returning to Dublin to teach radio production at Dublin Business School will mean a long commute as we are still living in Slovenia. Week one (next week) will be Ljubljana to Luton to Dublin (overnight there) to Amsterdam to Ljubljana. Week two is more prosaic returning via Belfast (overnight Stansted) to Ljubljana. Week three returning via Munich and overnight train to  Ljubljana. 

We go back to Holywood in February. 

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