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Bled Castle and St. Martin's this afternoon 8/1/17
Bled Castle and St. Martin’s this afternoon 8/1/17

The European tour starts on Tuesday.

Only a slight exaggeration. Here in Bled, Slovenia, it is cold, sunny and barely a cloud in the sky. It is quiet around the lake in January. The few tourists are Italian, Croat and Serbian with the usual influx of Koreans and Japanese bused in and bused out almost as quickly. They stay long enough for a selfie and sometimes a quick trip to the island. And they are gone, their bus spewing exhaust as it leaves.

I was hoping to spend all of January here, but as Harold McMillan once said, “Events.” I was anticipating three trips to Dublin to teach the Radio for Journalists course. They begin on Wednesday. As I said to the former head of tourism here getting away from Slovenia is relatively easy; coming here is not. 

The trip to Dublin is from here to Luton on Wizz (seriously a airline called Wizz with an upside down i in the logo). I’ve flown with them before and they are good – slightly chaotic at the gate, but a decent airline. The connection at Luton for Dublin is tight. If all goes well, I should make the early afternoon flight. But travelling is so cheap these days, my “insurance” is a €14 ticket on the early evening flight.

Depending on “events”, the return trip over the next three weeks will be via Amsterdam (next Wednesday) followed by Belfast/Stansted then Munich and the overnight train to Ljubljana.

Then back to Holywood for good on 30 January.

Modern day commuting.

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