Mediterranean Music – Monaco (we don’t stay long)


Entering Monaco

It takes less time to walk from one end of Monaco to the other than it will take to write this post. The 50 minute dander takes only 10 minutes by car. 

Can I find traditional world music from Monaco? 

Well, in short, no. In 2014 there was the World Music Awards; a rather awful cringing glamorous video demonstrates how three words can have opposite meanings depending on where the emphasis lies. World-Music, Awards would be (for me) a lot more interesting than the World, Music-Awards. See what I mean?

It is ironic (I think I am using the word correctly for a change) that the best known “contemporary” musician to come from Monaco (rather than “classical” musician) was a singer of French revolutionary songs  Léo Ferré

In this episode for my make believe trip around the Med, I have a one artist playlist with one full album, Ferré‘s Seul en scène



Au revoir, Monaco. Next stop Italy where, I already know, over several episodes I will be posting some of the most interesting, enjoyable music of the trip so far.

If you want to know more about this imaginary trip around the Med, start here with the explanation. Best ignore Gibraltar. Go straight to Andalusia (or Andalucía) Part 2 where we really get into it and find some wonderful music. Follow on from there.

If you want to add (the right sort) of music to the playlists, they are collaborative, so you can.


I’m also interested in suggestions for music and books. Next stop Italy, then Slovenia, the Croatia.

Leaving Monaco

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