With life being a little less busy and enjoying the imaginary Meditteranean  project, I’m getting more time to read. Project Med inspired me to engage with authors I might otherwise not know. At the same time, I am reading books I probably would usually reach for.

“What Happened”, Hillary Clinton’s account and analisys of the 2016 US election “How the Hell did This Happen?” P.J. O’Rourke are interesting to read together.

Years ago (decades, perhaps) I read Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte. The 21st century version is Virginia Heffernan’s “Magic and Loss” which I’m enjoying and spending time over. The internet as art, is the subtitle. There are some provoking arguements.

Italy brings several authors I have never heard of. Some have been disappointing. Two are outstanding, though. This week I’m reading “Between Two Seas” by Carmen Abate set near the toe of Italy. It is beautiful story-telling. Short at only 200 pages. 

There are a couple of other books from Italy mentioned in earlier posts. Another beautifully written/translated is “The Solitude of Prime Numbers” by Paolo Giordano.

more from Italy are on the pile and the some Slovenian authors. This is an interesting way to find new literature.









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