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Gentle reader,

I have failed. 

Aside from some rather cheesy (to my ears/eyes, anyway) “folk” videos and a few Eurovision entries, I can find no music from Montenegro. 

There is this: 


But still not quite Mostar Sevdah Reunion. (See Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Who are the Pogues of Podgorcia? The Horslips of Herceg Novi? The Chieftains of Cetinje? The Mal Coiffee of Mojkovac? I could go on but I’m bored now. 

There is not enough for a Spotify playlist. This is what I did find.

There is or was a world music festival in the coastal town Tivat. A short promo video on the YouTube playlist. 


Sanja Raičković and Šule Jovović a jazzy duo were on the bill along with the afore mentioned Ethno Grupa Zora and Biseri Narodnog Melosa Crne Gore (sorry, I can’t get a translation from Google or Bing that isn’t total nonsense. I’m guessing Pearls of folk melodies of Montenegro). If Biseri Narodnog Melosa Crne Gore were less formal and had a little edge, they might represent what I was looking for.

Milomir Miljanić doesn’t.


Then there is turbofolk. Now, turbofolk is usually associated with Serbia, but it does extend into other Balkan countries, and as Montenegro is next door as it were and shares a considerable amount of culture and history with Serbia, it is of little surprise that Montenegro supplies a few turbofolk artists. 

I came across turbofolk a few years ago – and was disappointed that it was not what I had expected from the name – you know … like the Pogues or Dropkick Murphys. There is an excellent article in The Calvert Journal – “Turbofolk: how Serbia’s weird and wonderful pop music came in from the cold” 

Serbian turbofolk used to be associated with nationalists and gangsters. Now it provides a welcome release for the young, women and LGBTQ communities across the ex-Yugoslav diaspora. So what changed?

It’s an excellent piece – I recommend you read it.

So lost in Montenegro without a tune to pack in my rucksack.

Can you help? Any suggestions on music and modern novelists welcome. Meanwhile, I’m going to peak over the border. I already have some Albanian music lined up. And it is good.




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