Podcast: Episode 3 – Deepa Mann-Kler artist and VR developer


This is the third episode of the podcast in search of a name. In the first we talked music with singer song writer Sonja Sleator, Stuart Lunn of Chase the River and Ross Moffett who runs Popup.

In this, the third in this series we have an extended interview with artist Deepa Mann-Kler. I spoke to her in the co-working space at the Ormeau Baths, once municipal bathing house, then after being closed for many years it re-opened as a gallery and now a place where many new and some established tech-businesses share space, facilities and ideas.

Deepa talks about her journey from being a teenage photographer, studying social policy at the LSE in London,  moving to Belfast to work as an equality officer in the city,  becoming an artist and now a creator of virtual reality and immersive experiences.



Deepa Mann-Kler’s web links are:

W: www.discoverneon.com

W: www.deepamannkler.com

W: www.cycleprints.co.uk

W: www.sports-prints.com


Twitter: @deepamann_kler

Facebook: Deepa Mann-Kler

Instagram: @deepamannkler


The podcast music is Arizona Moon by Blue Dot Sessions and you can find that and thousands of more rights free music on the Free Music Archive – which is a fantastic resource for podcasters and video makers in search of excellent music.





I’m Davy Sims – you can find me on Facebook and Twitter  and all the usual places.





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