Funding creativity – from guitar strings to global exports



How do you fund creativity? If you are planning to make a business from your passion, be it music or technology or animation or film making or anything from the creative industries, how do you find the financial support to follow that dream?

And when you begin to earn money from that passion, how do you protect it, your business and your clients or customers? And what about tax and VAT and all the other legal obligations?

Creativity and innovation needs support, funding and professional advice. From claiming the cost for guitar strings to global exports – Finance and Investment – the theme of this episode. I’m Davy Sims

Vasiliki Carson from Sapphire Capital Partners and Martin Gilchrist from Gilchrist and Co  met me in the Loft shared workspace in Belfast to talk money.



The podcast music is Arizona Moon by Blue Dot Sessions and you can find that and thousands of more rights free music on the Free Music Archive – which is a fantastic resource for podcasters and video makers in search of excellent music.





I’m davysims – you can find me on Facebook and Twitter  and all the usual places.




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