Maxine Mawhinney’s “The Moment” and Gareth Quinn of Digital DNA


Innovations and new ventures in this episode of the podcast (with the really clever name). From TV to YouTube and celebrating collaboration with Digital DNA Belfast.

Maxine Mawhinney


When Maxine Mawhinney left the BBC this time last year, she had plans and ideas about what she wanted to do. Yet her most recent project was not even on the horizon. A few weeks ago, she announced plans for a YouTube channel,  The Moment with Maxine Mawhinney. Maxine started out as a journalist 40 years ago in The County Down Spectator in Bangor. Since then she has worked as a reporter, a foreign correspondent, a news anchor – now a move to YouTube for The Moment.






In June, Digital DNA returns to St. George’s Market in Belfast – it’s an exhibition, a conference, it’s a get together. The founder is Gareth Quinn and he tells the story of how DNA came about.

The podcast music is Arizona Moon by Blue Dot Sessions and you can find that and thousands of more rights free music on the Free Music Archive – which is a fantastic resource for podcasters and video makers in search of excellent music.





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