In the Firsthand Guide to Bled Standard and Special editions, both this and last year, I interview some of the people who make Bled the town it is. Now, I plan to release some of those interviews in a new podcast; Bled Stories.

You can buy the books on Amazon as paperbacks and kindle ebooks, Just search Bled Slovenia 2018. Or you can find the books here.

Jakob RibnikarWe start this podcast early May 2018. A quiet Wednesday morning – about 10:00 am. This part of the town is still getting into gear. Shops are opening, not many customers yet. Delivery vans are delivering, shop keepers are keeping each other company, coffee is being sipped where last night beer and wine were being served. The alpine air is fresh and Jakob Ribnikar is opening his shop Mikame. It’s a tiny place, dwarfed by the Devil Bar next door, you could miss it.

But don’t – it is packed with local crafts. The address is Cesta svobode 15 4260 Bled Slovenia – and the website

May weather is unpredictable here – like most places. We were told to expect rain all day every day. There have been showers, but mostly it has been warm and sunny this week. Mountain air breezes in from time to time and there can still be a chill in the evenings.

The season officially began a few days after we met. That weekend over 500 accordion players turned up to the festival in 2018. It really is one of my highlights of the year when they stand at the lakeshore and play Avsenic’s tribute to Bled Otoček sredi jezera Isle in the middle of the lake.

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Avsenic’s tribute to Bled Otoček sredi jezera