Mediterranean Music – Libya

Salloum border crossing Credit Al Ahram
Salloum border crossing Credit Al Ahram

From Egypt we cross the border to Libya at Salloum border crossing What most of us know about Libya is its blood soaked history. Political violence continues to the present day. I am “here” (in this travel fantasy using Google Maps, Spotify and search) to find music.



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The country’s massive 1,759,541 sq km (679,363 sq mi) area makes it the 16th largest in the world. In Africa it is the third or fourth (depending on how you regard Sudan. Only behind Algeria, Congo and (all) Sudan are larger.

To the music

Yet I can find hardly any music. Oh yes, there is traditional and religious music. There is Death Metal and Black Metal (apparently there is a difference). That somehow does not surprise.

Not since Macedonia have been able to find so little music – a short scant Spotify playlist of some Toureg music which is not strictly Libyan. The Toureg are a semi nomadic people whose territory covers several countries including southwestern Libya to southern Algeria, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso.

There is also a short YouTube playlist.

I found Step Feed’s “10 Libyan songs to kick back and listen to” which lists some interesting music – and some terrible music, too.

Adjusting criteria but keeping the rules

This section of the journey has been challenging. I have needed to adjust my criteria – substantially. And I expect I will have to continue to do that. But there are a few rules I will stick to – no bad reggae, no bad rap, no pitch correction software, no stuff I can hear anywhere else (pop, Eurovision, generic “indie”), no disco.

Look for the ethnic, the “authentic” (a buzzword I have come to hate), something representative of the region if not the country.

Libya is in the Maghreb and my focus is from the sea, perhaps that is in part where is mismatch is.
But if you know better – please tell me where I can find more/better music from Libya. I want to know more.

In the meantime, here is the two song Spotify list



And the short YouTube playlist.

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