Mediterranean Music – Start Here

There is an official beginning here which sets out my plans and ideas. Because blogs work as they do (most recent post at the top) the last country visited, Morocco, will look like the start rather than the end. But this is the start:

Exploring the music of the Mediterranean (introduction) – 

Then we travel to these regions and countries. 

Gibraltar – Andalusia (or Andalucía) – Murcia – Valencia – Catalonia –  France Monaco – Italy’s North West – Western Italy – Italy – Toe to heel – Slovenia Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro – AlbaniaGreece – TurkeySyriaLebanonIsraelPalestineEgyptLibyaTunisiaAlgeriaMorocco

I will be tidying the posts and probably adding to them over the next year. From this I will be launching a few spinouts. When I’m ready I will decide where to go next; north or east. West is the Americas and south is Africa, both well travelled by people tracking the music. Yet oarts of Europe are not and the east will always be a place of fascination, especially as contemporary music becomes easier to find, record and distribute. 

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