Playlist: Inflammable Material 28 May 2019


This is the planned running order for this week’s Inflammable Material on Slice Audio 7:00 – 9:00 pm UTC, 8:00 – 10 UK and Ireland and 9:00 – 11:00 most of mainland Europe.

You can download or stream the show on demand here:




1 Echo and the Bunnymen The Cutter
2 The Clash –  Janie Jones
3 P 45 –  Teenage Love Song
4 Pankrti Totalna Revolucija
5 10 past 7 Crackin’ Up
6 Lunatic Fringe  Brothel Creeper
7 Stop Stop Start Again  Why Do Chicks Dig Vampyres? 
8 Cruella de Ville Drunken Uncle John
9 The Outcasts Self conscious over you
10 The Mighty Wha! Come Back
11 Paraf –  Javna kupatila
12 The Moondogs –  Who’s Gonna Tell Mary
13 BeBop Delux Maid in Heaven
14 Bill Nelson Do you dream in colour?
15 The Starjets  Any Danger Love
16 The Flying Lizards Money
17 Tom Robinson Band Glad to be gay
Part 2    
1 Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia
2 The Associates Club County
3 Moterhead and Girlschool Please don’t touch
4 Girlschool 20th century Boy
5 T Rex 20th century Boy
6 The Nerves –  Passport Photograph
7 Iggy Pop & James Williamson  Kill City
8 Ex-Producers –  The System Is Here
9 The Fall Hit The North
10 Smash it up The Damned
11 Silent Running –  Under Your Skin
12 Va-Bank (Alexander F. Sklyar) –  It’s the other way around
13 Terminal Choice Keine Macht
14 The Jets  Original Terminal
15 The New York Dolls Jet Boy
16 The Undertones – True Confessions
17 Rudi Overcome by fumes

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