Around the World 12 July 2019 – Playlist


The show on Slice Audio live at 7:00 pm each Friday is now repeated with two additional tracks at 3:00 pm UTC Saturday making it an evening programme in the Americas.

In this episode I’m playing music from around the world as usual but so far I’ve never played anything from Uruguay and very little form South America, so 6 tracks from Uruguay this time. Also previewing a couple of festivals happening over the next weeks on the Iberian peninsula: Festival Músicas do Mundo, Sines, Portugal (FMM) and Festival Intercéltico do Morrazo in Galicia.


Contact me if you want the archive audio.

Part 1        
1 Vaudou Game Something is Wrong (feat. Roger Damawuzan) Otodi 0:04:15
2 Wanton Bishops Sleep with the lights on  Sleep with the lights on  0:03:26
3 Ana Prada Soy pecadora Soy Pecadora 0:04:07
4 Onda Vaga En El Barrio OV IV 0:04:23
5 Hablan por la Espalda Fiasco Afuera 0:03:28
6 Beatles While My Guitar Gently weeps The Beatles 0:04:45
7 Rim Banna The Dream Seasons of Violet 0:04:50
8 Tania Saleh Damascus – القصيدة الدمشقية Intersection – تقاطع 0:04:23
9 Penguin Café Orchestra Perpetuum Mobile Preludes, Airs and Yodels (A Penguin Cafe Primer) 0:04:30
10 Habelas Hainas Hymne des femme Livres e loucas 0:04:14
11 Tanxugueiras Que non mo neguen Tanxugueiras 0:05:36
12 Talisk Montreal Beyond 0:05:28
13 Bu Kolthoum  Wallé single  
Part 2        
1 John Martyn Singin’ In the Rain May You Never – The Very Best of John Martyn 0:01:30
2 John Martyn May You Never May You Never – The Very Best of John Martyn 0:03:41
3 MEUTE Customer is King Single 0:04:37
10 Roy Harper Don’t you grieve Flat Boroque and Berserk 0:02:30
4 Ladysmith Black Mambazo Long walk to freedom Walking in the Footsteps of Our Fathers 0:05:16
5 Le Trio Joubran The Age of Industry The Long March 0:04:37
6 The Unthanks A Whistling Woman Lines, Pt. 1: Lillian Bilocca – EP 0:05:59
7 Eduardo Mateo Yulelé Mateo Solo Bien Se Lame 0:03:01
8 Señor Faraón Meteoro Noctambul 0:04:27
9 Jaime Roos Amor Profundo (Murga) Contraseña 0:04:25
11 Our Native Daughters Polly Ann’s Hammer (feat. Rhiannon Giddens & Amythyst Kiah) Songs of Our Native Daughters 0:03:00
12 Samurai Accordion Sushi Time Te 0:04:35
13 Nadine Shah Holiday Destination Holiday Destination 0:05:39
14 Mayra Andrade Pull Up Manga 0:02:24



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