Around the World 5 July 2019 – Playlist


From this week we are trying a little experiment by repeating the show. The first live broadcast is at 7:00 pm UTC and an extended repeat at 03:00 am Saturday. During the experiment, I’ll be posting the full programme (warts’n’all).

Here’s this week’s show and as always if you want a copy of the show contact me directly.


  Part 1      
1 Ziggy Marley The Storm Is Coming Rebellion Rises 0:03:48
5 Nick Drake Hazey Jane 2 Bryter Layter ((Remastered)) 0:03:46
2 Juan De Marcos Afro Cuban All Stars Camino de Santiago (Live) Absolutely Live II – Viva México! 0:07:34
3 Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino Quannu Te Visciu Canzoniere 0:03:53
4 Saint Sister Is It Too Early (Kilmainham) single 0:03:18
6 Black Water County One More Beer Won’t Hurt Taking Chances 0:04:21
7 Naadia Осколки Осколки 0:04:12
8 Tiny Magnetic Pets Politburo Disko Politburo Disko 0:03:56
9 Anandi Bhattacharya Inbetween Us  Joys Abound 0:04:22
10 Richard Thompson The Storm Won’t Come 13 Rivers 0:06:12
11 The Allman Bros Jessica Brothers and Sisters 0:07:31
bonus Steppin Out John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers 0:02:30
  Part 2      
1 Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone Highway 61 Revisited 0:06:12
2 Delgres Mo Jodi Mo Jodi 0:03:50
3 Orquesta Akokán Mambo Rapidito (Instrumental) Orquesta Akokán (The Instrumentals) 0:03:18
4 Hrdza Z Dublinu Neskroteny 0:02:53
5 Irish Times Music for a Found Harmonium Patrick Street 0:02:47
6 Gisela João Labirinto ou Não Foi Nada (feat. Nelson Aleixo, Francisco Gaspar & Ricardo Parreira) Nua 0:05:14
  Ranky Tanky Stand By Me Good Time 0:04:42
7 Delaney & Bonnie comin’ Home D & B Together 0:03:14
8 Kitty Macfarlane  Morgan’s Pantry Namer of Clouds 0:02:42
9 Coetus Sape Que Sape (feat. Juan Quintero) 0:04:04
10 Baba ZuLa Kızıl gözlüm Kızıl gözlüm – Single 0:04:00
11 Meute Araya   0:04:56
12 Salif Keita Bah Poulo Un autre blanc 0:05:38
bonus The Cure In Between Days   0:03:00


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