One from the Archive


Recently a group on Facebook was started “Friends of Downtown Radio 1976 – 2019“. Many of the people I used to work with have been posting memories and photos. Downtown is where I started in 1979. The 40th anniversary is in November.

My Downtown memorabilia is so far into the attic that it might not be seen until the next house move. But I did come across this today. The understated slogan “Nothin’ Better is not better than everything but everything’s not better than Nothin’ Better”

The show developed from “Kix after Six” 6:00 t0 7:00 pm – the last part of Time Out drivetime show. NB was on 9:00 – 11:00 Mon – Thurs.

When I moved to BBC in 1986 I started The Bottom Line with a similar format. That became Across the Line and 30+ years later is still going strong. I’ll post more if I find it.

The show started many new talents particularly bands who got their first session there. But there were others, too like Barry McIlheney then a young journo trying to cut it in the music biz in London. 

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