This week I’ve been listening to …


I’m listening to about five albums a week, usually when out walking. This week:

Flor de Toloache | Indestructible

Flor de Toloache | IndestructibleI enjoyed their last album Las Caras Lindas very much. This new one takes a little more listening to find to gems.The all girl Mariachi band are joined by John Legend (singing in Spanish), Alex Cuba, Josh Baca of Los Texmaniacs, Las Migas, Sinuhé Padilla and R&B singer Miguel. A bit more main stream, a little more commercial? A good listen.


String Machine | Death of the Neon

Death of the Neon by String MachineMy thinking went this way: I hate this, oh this is good, no that’s too long, interrrrestinggg …, like that, I wish those vocals weren’t so wavery, can that guy not find the note?, wow that’s great singing. Interesting composition.

It’s an interesting and as far from runn of the mill as you might like to go on a Tuesday morning. 

String Machine is an experimental folk project from Pittsburgh PA. Find out more at the Death of Neon Bandcamp site.


Africa Speaks | Santana

I really tried to like this album, but I failed. I may have redeemed one or two tracks to play on the radio show.

Africa Express | EGOLI

While Carlos Santana went completely wrong with Africa Speaks Damon Albarn gets completely right with Africa Express EF+GOLI. “An attempt to create a level collaborative playing field between western and African artists …” Great songs, fantastic ideas, exciting, uplifting. 



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