This week I’ve been listening to …


This week I’ve been listening to:

Europeana | Jaune Toujours

Listen here on Bandcamp

Europeana | Jaune ToujoursIf Americana is typified by guitar, bass, drumkit, and banjo, and 4/4/ and 3/4 time, Europeana is represented by brass, accordion, and frame drum. June Toujours from Belgium create a challenging soundscape that has time signatures owing more to Béla Bartók and Dmitri Shostakovich than the Grand Ole Opry (and banjos are optional).

442 |  Дельфин (Dolphin)

442-ДельфинTracks include 520. 660, 744, 713 (you get the drift – and you can just hear the crowd chanting for them). Brilliant album by the Russian Andrey Lysikov (Dolphin). Eclectic – basically rock with unexpected electronic twists.


Flor de Toloache | Las Caras Lindas

It’s two years old now and still fresh as a daisy, a little country, a lottal latin, tight harmony and lots of mariachi (a small, strolling, Mexican band consisting usually of trumpeters, guitarists, and violinists also : a musician belonging to such a band —often used before another noun). It’s two years old now and a new album has just been released. Joyous!

Theri new album Indestructible will be on this list soon, I hope.

Rokia Traoré – Né So

Rokia Traoré is a Malian singer who has made six albums. This from 2016 is a beautifully made album, but not early in the morning dog walking music. I did listen to it a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. But not before noon on a bright shiny August day. Best kept for dark evenings and late nights.

No Te Va Gustar | Otras Canciones

Nope – too poppy and predictable – abandoned after one and a half tracks. Uruguay band 2012 album. 

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