Around the World 20 September 2019 – Playlist


This is the running order and programme notes for my global mix of World Music “Around the World” on Slice Audio.

You can listen every Friday at 8:00 pm local time (Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Cardiff, London) and 19h00 Universal Time (UTC). The show is repeated at 3:00 am Saturday (02h00 UTC) 



Artist Track Album Dur
Boban Marković Orkestar Ilke Cocek Mrak 0:03:03
Beauty Sleep Rainbow Ballroom Be Kind 0:04:06
Howlin’ Wolf Smokestack Lightnin’   0:03:09
Hablan por la Espalda Icono Afuera 0:02:46
Mariza Amor Perfeito Mariza 0:03:41
Söndörgő Parsley Bride Nyolc 8 Nyolc 0:02:07
Africa Express Johannesburg (feat. Sibot, Radio 123, Morena Leraba & Gruff Rhys) EGOLI 0:03:55
Agorsor Hugadem Hugadem 0:04:52
Bene & Cormac Vale of Shadows Wavelength 0:04:49
Rhiannon Giddens Wayfaring Stranger (with Francesco Turrisi) there is no Other (with Francesco Turrisi) 0:04:47
The Beach Boys California Saga (California)   0:03:22
Ana Prada Camalotes sueltos Soy Pecadora 0:02:51
SOAK Maybe Grim Town 0:04:31
HAYA Band Link Link 0:06:31
3hatrio Dust Devil    
Part 2      
Mara Balls Väki Kalevala elävänä tai kuolleena 0:03:23
Mayra Andrade Afeto Manga 0:04:24
Samurai Accordion January Sun Te 0:03:20
Saint Sister Tin Man Shape of Silence 0:03:15
Kongero Ku hålan (with Massivet) Vaerla Vaken (with Massivet) 0:04:56
The Dead South Diamond Ring Sugar & Joy 0:04:08
Anandi Bhattacharya A Pluviophile’s Dance (Sawani) [feat. Hyatt Khan Lange’s Troup of Folk musicians & Ratul Shankar:] Joys Abound 0:05:51
BCUC Isivunguvungu (feat. Saul Williams) The Healing (Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness) 0:03:54
Karine Polwart The Whole of the Moon Karine Polwart’s Scottish Songbook 0:05:52
Aminata & Tautumeitas Dzīvot Citādāk Dzīvot Citādāk – Single 0:03:03
Mostar Sevdah Reunion Skitnica (feat. Sreta) Sreta “the Balkan Autumn” (feat. Sreta) 0:05:30
The Cars A Dream Away Shake It Up 0:05:40
Flory Jagoda Una Noche Al Lunar Memories of Sarajevo  


Boban Marković Orkestar     Ilke Cocek       Mrak

Balkan Brass Band from Vladičin Han, Southern Serbia


Beauty Sleep     Rainbow Ballroom          Be Kind

Belfast three piece on the NI Music Prize shortlist for this Album


Howlin’ Wolf     Smokestack Lightnin’    



Hablan por la Espalda    Icono     Afuera

From Uruguay, they’ve been together since 1996. Their own notes say “Some called them post hardcore, others expansive punk, we like to tell them Speak By The Back, music for the healthy and not so healthy.


Mariza  Amor Perfeito   Mariza

Mariza was born in Portuguese Mozambique, to a Portuguese father and a Mozambican mother When she was three years old, her family moved to Portugal, and she was raised in Lisbon’s historic quarters of Mouraria and Alfam. Mariza is her 9th and newest album released last year.


Söndörgő            Parsley Bride     Nyolc 8 Nyolc  Third album released a few weeks ago. their signature instrument, the Hungaro-Serbian tambura Lineup ncludes three brothers, Áron, Benjamin and Salamon Eredics, plus cousin Dávid Eredics and Attila Buzás.

Next Wednesday playing Szeged, Hungary, In October, Montreuil-Bellay, France November Vienna.

Africa Express   Johannesburg (feat. Sibot, Radio 123, Morena Leraba & Gruff Rhys)       EGOLI

Damon Albarn’s project – the album recorded in Jo’Burg including on that track 20 producer veteran Sibot, RADIO 123 – a band from the east of Johannesburg in South Africa, Morena Leraba from Mafeteng district near Lesotho, and Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals.


Agorsor                Hugadem            Hugadem

From Ghana – HUGADEM – which in English is “The Absolute is Married to Me” – Agorsor was formed in 2000. But that from their first album released last year.


Bene & Cormac Vale of Shadows              Wavelength

Rhiannon Giddens          Wayfaring Stranger (with Francesco Turrisi)        there is no Other (with Francesco Turrisi)


The Beach Boys                 California Saga (California)        

1973 album Holland

SOAK                     Maybe                  Grim Town

NI Music Prize short list 23 years old – second album.


HAYA Band         Link        Link

Daichin Tana is an ethnic Mongol singer-songwriter from Qinghai, China. She is the lead singer of the band HAYA. HAYA blends traditional and popular musical elements, which makes them the pioneer of Mongolian crossover music.



Mara Balls          Väki       Kalevala elävänä tai kuolleena

Mara Balls (real name Maria Mattila, born 1983) is a Finnish singer-songwriter, rock guitarist, and artist. She was the bassist of Jukka ja Jytämimmit. After the band broke up, she set up her own band with bassist Aapo Palonen and drummer Antti Palmu. Playin Fri 27.9. Henry’s Pub, Kuopio.


Mayra Andrade                 Afeto                    Manga

Mayra Andrade is a Cape Verdean singer who lives and records in Lisbon, Portugal. Often compared to Cesária Évora, Andrade has been praised for her modern interpretation of the traditional Cape Verdean morna music


Samurai Accordion          January Sun       Te

Riccardo TESI (It) – Markku LEPISTÖ (Fin) – David MUNNELLY (Irl) – Kepa Junkera (Eus) – Simone BOTTASSO (It)


Saint Sister         Tin Man               Shape of Silence

NI Music Prize


Kongero               Ku hålan (with Massivet)             Vaerla Vaken (with Massivet)

Massivet is a contemporary Nordic folk music band formed around the members common love of groove, clever arrangements, improvisation, dynamics and a great deal of energy. Standing with one boot firmly in the whirling dance floor, the other one on a concert house stage, Massivet delivers mellow waltzes, uncompromising “polskas” and a truly unique interpretation of traditional Nordic folk music.

The Dead South                Diamond Ring                   Sugar & Joy


Anandi Bhattacharya      A Pluviophile’s Dance (Sawani) [feat. Hyatt Khan Lange’s Troup of Folk musicians & Ratul Shankar:]             Joys Abound

According to one review “Joys Abound pays homage to classical Indian tradition, mixing in Iberian flourishes, a Rajasthani folk song …”


BCUC     Isivunguvungu (feat. Saul Williams)        The Healing (Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness)

Three tracks on the album. one at 19 mins another at 16 mins – I’ll probably play one during my next recorded show.


Karine Polwart                  The Whole of the Moon                 Karine Polwart’s Scottish Songbook

Whole of the Moon – Waterboys

Since Yesterday (Strawberry Switchblade),

Whole of the Moon (Waterboys),

Dignity (Deacon Blue)

Don’t want to know (John Martyn)



Aminata & Tautumeitas Dzīvot Citādāk Dzīvot Citādāk – Single


Latvia – brilliant video


Mostar Sevdah Reunion               Skitnica (feat. Sreta)       Sreta “the Balkan Autumn” (feat. Sreta)


The Cars               A Dream Away  Shake It Up


Flory Jagoda       Una Noche Al Lunar        Memories of Sarajevo

Flory Jagoda (born Flora Kabilio on 21 December 1926) is a Bosnian Jewish born American guitarist, composer and singer-songwriter. She is known for her interpretation of Ladino songs and the Bosnian folk ballads, sevdalinka.


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