This week I am listening to …


Tita Nzebu | From KolkataTita Nzebu | From Kolkata

A lot African, a little French, a little Asian, a little jazz, a little gospel choir, a great sound, A wonderful voice. Four stars.



Life, Death, Damnation, Peace | MDH

Life, Death, Damnation, Peace | MDH

Interesting! Unconformative (Internet says that’s not a word. I beg to differ) song structure. Inventive, long songs, witty even humourous. Avant garde? Music school kids? Nope – not a band, just one person Michael Humphrey


Francis McIlduff – Theodore Street

Francis McIlduff - Theodore Street Just great – love the pipes, will be playing more of this.

“a collection of tunes influenced by what has happened over the years with my family and friends”. He says

It’s a personal collection with every note written, and every instrument played, by McIlduff himself – says the Irish News


That’s about all for this week. Have been listening to others, but this all I have time to write about.

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