A Guide to using money in Bled, Slovenia

Updated 23 Oct 2019


SKB Ljubljanska cesta 4, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

SKB Ljubljanska cesta 4, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia is in the Eurozone (and Schengen area) of the European Union. It is easy to find automatic teller machines and there are two easily accessible banks.

As a country, it has a reputation for being comparatively inexpensive. Bled and Ljubljana are more expensive than other parts of Slovenia. While costs are pretty good, they have been creeping up in recent years. While a beer and a pizza are comparatively inexpensive as is a black (long) coffee (dolga kava) or white coffee (bela kava) or coffee with milk (kava z mlekom) is just over a euro in most places, prices have been rising.

Insider Knowledge: 

Try to have change in your purse or pocket. I really don’t know why, but the shops are always looking for exact change. This is not unique to Bled. Finding the right coins is almost a national sport. This is not helped by the ATMs that insist on spitting out €50 notes which are often held in contempt in some shops if you are making a small purchase.


The two most easily found banks are Gorenjska Banka branch office which has moved from the Park Hotel building to the new Mercator shopping centre. Kajuhova cesta 1 with new opening hours, Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 19:00 Saturday, 08:00 to 12:30 and closed Sunday. Check times here.

SKB Banka in the Gadafi shopping centre is much less convenient time-wise. It is open Monday to Friday 8:30 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00, Saturdays and Sundays closed. But don’t take that €50 note to the bank teller and ask for it to be changed – there will be a charge. Check times here.

You are now prepared with just about everything you need to know before you arrive. Let’s decide when is best to go.

Please note: this is the 2018 edition. For the book to have relevance, it needs to be written in Bled or soon after a visit. but as I can’t be there in 22029, I’m happy to provide this to anyone interested with the advisory note that parts may well be out of date. You can download the PDF from this page.