You can still download The Firsthand Guide to Bled book

last update 11/10/19

The Firsthand Guide to Bled books are no longer available. Yet the PDF version still has plenty of useful information. It’s available here on this website  and listen to the Bled Stories podcast

And you can download the 2018 edition on pdf or read some of the sections here.

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Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and Bled is the jewel in its crown. The medieval castle with its Romanesque tower sits high above the turquoise water of Lake Bled. In the lake on the tiny island is the church. It is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary (Cerkev Marijinega vnebovzetja), and was a place of pilgrimage in the past. Now tourists, are ferried there on colourful flat bottomed pletna boats.

The Firsthand Guides to Bled are focused entirely on the town as a destination and as a base.

The books were available here on Amazon. All versions were revised and updated 27 February 2018

Now you can download the 2018 edition free. And it is still full of relevant information. See below

The book is intended for anyone who is travelling independently and holidaymakers who want to get to know the town quickly to get the most from their stay.  The book is packed with important information from who to turn to in emergencies, through to where to find the best cake shop. And people who live in Bled will give you their insider knowledge on places to go and what to see.

Learn about arriving

If you arrive in Bled by bus, should you turn right or left to find the lake when you get off? Either is the answer! If you turn right, take the next left. If you turn left take the first right. You will be at the lake in minutes, then find a place for coffee or a glass of Slovenian wine.

Learn about Slovenian wine

If you want to find out about Slovenian wine, where should you go? For a good selection at affordable prices try Zdravljica a two minute walk from the bus station.

Learn about shopping for fun and survival

You want to buy something unique and about Bled, where should you go? Speak to the man who designs his own unique jewelry. More information in the book 

Questions about money

Where is the nearest cash machine? There are six. Where are you?

And what about laundry?

Where is the nearest launderette? Try Speed Queen Prešernova cesta 50, 4260 Bled

And of course, where to and what to eat?

More than 20 restaurants are reviewed or recommended as are the best bars, best coffee shops and best pizza. If you want to try Slovene food, where should you go first? If you want to know about Slovenian wine, who will help you?

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In the meantime 

The Firsthand Guides will take the reader through the year in Bled. It offers straightforward detailed information for the visitor and independent traveller from arriving by bus to summer and winter highlights.

The shorter edition only contains the basic facts and advice. The standard and special editions contain much more. There are interviews with some of the people who make Bled the town that it is. There are suggestions of things to do and places to go not just in Bled, but I the surrounding area; the spectacular alpine Gorenjska region of Slovenia.

The music, sport and music highlights of the year, entertainment for children at the Castle and some of the lesser known events. Activities in Bled are not just focused on eight weeks in the summer, it is a 12 month destination with secrets to share. And many locals do share their insider knowledge of the town.The author, Davy Sims is a former BBC producer. He has lived in Bled for more than a year over a period of three years. He first visited in 1996 to produce a travel report about Slovenia. While he was there, he rang the Wishing Bell in the church on the island and wished to return – and did many times before his extended stays. He knows where to get the best pizza, the best easy walks and some wonderful people who have become friends.

Or if you prefer read each chapter online from here.