Around the World 25 October 2019 – Playlist and Shownotes


This is the running order for my show on Slice Audio Friday 25 October. 8:00 pm local time (19h00 UTC) repeated 03:00 Saturday morning. 




Artist Track Album
Altın Gün Vay Dünya Gece
U2 A Day Without Me Boy
Mayra Andrade Afeto Manga
Silent Running Lost Boy Single
Cimarron Cuerdas Al Galope Orinoco
Destroyer Song for America Kaputt
Kefaya & Elaha Soroor Jama Narenji Songs of Our Mothers
Rakija Moja Sestra (My Sister) Ojda!
Sinkane Everybody Dépaysé
Mariza Trigueirinha Mariza
Soulsha Standing in the Water Carry It On
Maya Kamaty Varkala Pandiyé
Steven Polwart, Karine Polwart & Inge Thomson I Burn but I Am Not Consumed Laws of Motion
Big Country Fields of Fire Single
Part 2    
Artist Track Album
Tita Nzebi L’kwèle From Kolkata
Huntza Imajina Xilema
Hafdís Huld Here Comes the Rain Again Variations
Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá La Canoa Rancha De Palenque À Matongé
SOAK Knock Me off My Feet Grim Town
Anandi Bhattacharya Jai Ganesh Joys Abound
La banda della ricetta Ladra matricolata A fuoco lento
Ofra Haza אם ננעלו שירי תימן
Taraf de Haïdouks Where Do You Come From, Dear Lady? Of Lovers, Gamblers & Parachute Skirts
Ana Prada La Perversa Minoría La Perversa Minoría – Single
Jonathan Kelly Ballad of Cursed Anna Twice Around the Houses
Agorsor No More Hugadem
Mélissa Laveaux Nan Pwen Lavi Anko Single



Show notes 25 October


Altın Gün             Vay Dünya          Gece

Turkey via Amsterdam now touring the US

U2          A Day Without Me          Boy

Released 20 October 1980


Mayra Andrade                 Afeto    Manga

Cape Verdean singer who lives and records in Lisbon, Portugal @_MayraAndrade_


Silent Running  Lost Boy               Single

A new single from old friends Reformed and playing Voodoo Belfast 15 November.


Cimarron             Cuerdas Al Galope          Orinoco

Grammy-nominated group Cimarrón performs modern Colombian roots music

on new album Orinoco, the ensemble presents bold, straightforward folk music that brings together the indigenous, African, and European influences that have largely shaped the aesthetics of natively South American traditions like joropo and llanero.


Destroyer            Song for America             Kaputt

Kaputt is the ninth album by Canadian band Destroyer. It was released on January 25, 2011


Kefaya & Elaha Soroor   Jama Narenji     Songs of Our Mothers

Afghan singer Elaha Soroor and award-winning music / producer duo Kefaya (Al MacSween and Giuliano Modarelli ) join forces for a mighty and mesmerising new album, Songs Of Our Mothers; a fresh, vibrant take on Afghan folk music


Originally from Italy, Giuliano Modarelli is a London based guitarist, composer and producer with a unique voice. Having studied Jazz at University, he went on to develop through the Indian classical tradition


Rakija    Moja Sestra (My Sister) Ojda!

Rakija is a Norwegian band, playing music inspired by the Balkan scene. Their repertoire consists of both own compositions and traditional Balkan songs, which they give new life and their own signature.


Sinkane                                Everybody          Dépaysé Starting next week on a tour all over Europe details at the link.


Mariza  Trigueirinha       Mariza Mariza is a former Best Artist winner, snagging the title in the 2016 Songlines Music Awards.


Soulsha                Standing in the Water   Carry It On It brings together some of Boston’s top musicians in Scottish, West African, and Funk music


Maya Kamaty                    Varkala                 Pandiyé

Maloya Reunion roots. For the release of Pandiyé , her second album


Steven Polwart, Karine Polwart & Inge Thomson                              I Burn but I Am Not Consumed                  Laws of Motion

“We are all delighted to reveal that Karine’s (mostly) spoken-word poem I Burn But I am Not Consumed (with music by herself and brother Steven) from Laws Of Motion was chosen as Best Original Track 2019 at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in Manchester.”



Part 2

Tita Nzebi           L’kwèle                From Kolkata Gabonese singer living in France

L’kwèle is a song about weddings. It is celebratory, naturally, talking about the coming together of communities, about “two villages becoming one”,


Huntza Imajina Xilema


Hafdís Huld        Here Comes the Rain Again         Variations

1. The Bargain Store 03:13    
  2. One Moment In Time 04:15    
  3. I Want To Break Free 03:31    
  4. Songs Of Love 03:42    
  5. You’re The First, The Last, My Everything 03:21    
  6. Simply The Best 04:03    
  7. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 03:32    
  8. Here Comes The Rain Again 03:35    
  9. Slow Learner 03:02    
  10. Take My Breath Away 04:02    
  11. What Is Love 03:40    
  12. You To Me Are Everything 04:06    
  13. The Swimming Song 02:13    


Hafdis Huld’s fifth studio album delivers stripped back versions of her favourite songs by other artists.




Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá       La Canoa Rancha              De Palenque À Matongé

Uniting Colombian and Congolese musicians, Palenque Matongé revives and reinterprets the historical connection between two musical traditions that have travelled back and forth between the New World and the African motherland.


SOAK                     Knock Me off My Feet                   Grim Town

Bridie Monds-Watson’s second album – the album greatly fancies for the Best Album NI Music Prize – but there is a lot of competition.


Anandi Bhattacharya                      Jai Ganesh          Joys Abound

“Anandi Bhattacharya on a contemporary exploration of her musical roots”

“Anandi sites influences as diverse as Thom Yorke, Ella Fitzgerald and Joni Mitchell.”


La banda della ricetta                    Ladra matricolata            A fuoco lento

Clara Graziano’s new project is La Banda della Ricetta, a female ensemble that plays and sings good food in a varied and curious repertoire. Some songs come from the folk repertoire of the Italian popular tradition or are brought to success by some great performers; there are many original songs composed especially for this musical menu.


Ofra Haza            אם ננעלו

שירי תימן


Song translates as If Locked and the album translates as Yemenite Songs 1984 album

by Ofra Haza, in which the Israeli pop star returned to her roots interpreting traditional Yemeni Jewish songs Yemenite Songs (Hebrew: שירי תימן) is a 1984 album by Ofra Haza, in which the Israeli pop star returned to her roots interpreting traditional Yemeni Jewish songs with lyrics coming from the poetry of 16th century Rabbi Shalom Shabazi.


Taraf de Haïdouks           Where Do You Come From, Dear Lady? Of Lovers, Gamblers & Parachute Skirts

About to make a return as Taraf de Caliu


Ana Prada           La Perversa Minoría       La Perversa Minoría – Single

New single from Uruguayan singer songwriter The Perverse Minority


Jonathan Kelly  Ballad of Cursed Anna   Twice Around the Houses (1972)

included familiar musicians such as Rick Kemp, Gerry Conway and Jerry Donahue.

Jonathan Kelly (born Jonathan Ledingham, 8 July 1947, Drogheda, County Louth) is an Irish folk rock singer-songwriter, who has enjoyed a varied career in music, playing with many musicians and groups, including Eric Clapton and Tim Staffell. He formed Jonathan Kelly’s Outside in 1973.

Outside was made up of Kelly, Snowy White and Chas Jankel on guitars, Dave Sheen on drums and Trevor Williams (ex-Audience) on bass guitar. White went on to play with Pink Floyd and Thin Lizzy before a successful solo career, and Jankel later played with Ian Dury and the Blockheads.

Remastered in 2018


Mélissa Laveaux               Nan Pwen Lavi Anko      Single

Mélissa Michelle Marjolec Laveaux is a Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist of Haitian descent 


Agorsor                 No More              Hugadem


From Ghana and on Bandcamp

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