A Podcast about Lake Bled, the people of the town Bled in Slovenia and other parts of Slovenia.


Jakob Ribnikar – Mikame Craft Shop

In the main shopping area in the shadow of the Park Hotel is a tiny craft shop crammed with the work of local craft artists.


AntiMuseum Bled

There’s more to Bled than a walk around the lake. You could always visit a “museum” of interactivity and science.


Domen from 3glav Adventures

In 3glav Adventures exploration is just a moment away every day of the week. Founder, Domen Kalajžič tells the story.


Exploring Tržič

Using public transport anytime Bled is a convenient base to explore. As an example I explore Tržič.


Slovenian Wine and Wine TastingSlovenian Wine

Wine making is big in Slovenia  (the oldest vine in the world in in Maribor), but not much of the produce is exported. How can you find, taste and buy good Slovenian wine?


Bled-RowingBled Rowing

The history of Bled’s Rowing Club reflects the history of not just Bled town, but Slovenia itself. There have been organised rowing competitions here since at least the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 


Lea Ferjan from Bled Castle

It is Lea Ferjan’s job to tell the world about Bled Castle, the 1000 year old building that looks out over the lake and from where you can see to the horizon and explore the past.