Around the World 22 November 2019 – playlist and show notes


This is the running order for Around the World on Slice Audio. It’s on every Friday at 8:00 pm GMT and repeated at 3:00 am Saturday.

Artist Song Album
Part 1    
Dona Onete Carimbó Arrepiado Rebujo
Faith Mussa Ali Dere Kalilima
Our Native Daughters Moon Meets the Sun (feat. Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah & Allison Russell) Songs of Our Native Daughters
Souad Massi Enta wena Oumniya
Dolphin 1984 КРАЙ
Kirsty MacColl Days Kite
Monsieur Doumani Hey You Angathin
Africa Express City In Lights (feat. Nick Zinner, Otim Alpha, Mahotella Queens & Georgia)  EGOLI
Maja Milinković Não Há Fado Sem Saudade Fadolinka
Taina Asili Decir Que No Resiliencia
Saulo Duarte Se Esqueça Não Avante Delírio
Oum Daba Daba
Balkan Alien Sound Orchestra – EP Balkaseltzer Basork
La Santa Cecilia A Thousand Times La Santa Cecilia
Part 2    
Flor de Toloache Besos de Mezcal Indestructible
Jordan Adetunji Questions Questions – Single
Rachid Taha Ansit Je suis africain
Hannah James & The JigDoll Ensemble Will We Dance? The Woman and Her Words
Ilgi Istabā Tur Kur Mīti
The Cult She Sells Sanctuary Love
Saint Sister Eternal Flame Eternal Flame – Single
Tall Heights Keeps Me Light Keeps Me Light – Single
Soulsha Carry It On Carry It On
Mariza Oração Mariza
Parno Graszt Betyár vagyok jól tudom Már nem szédülök (Rolling back)
The Garifuna Collective Ideruni (Help) Aban
Mdou Moctar Tarhatazed Ilana (The Creator)
Kinga Głyk Let’s Play Some Funky Groove Feelings

Dona Onete       Carimbó Arrepiado         Rebujo

From Brazil. Born in 1939 (80 years old) Dona Onete (She has been called the “Queen of Carimbo”. Onete recorded her first album Feitiço Caboclo when she was 73. Search for a fabulous video of her performing at the Rosklide Festival last year singing from an armchair. Inspirational.

Dona Onete @DonaOnete


Faith Mussa       Ali Dere                                Kalilima

Malawian multi-instrumentalist Faith Mussa

Faith Mussa @mussa_faith


Our Native Daughters    Moon Meets the Sun (feat. Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah & Allison Russell)              Songs of Our Native Daughters


Souad Massi      Enta wena          Oumniya

Souad Massi (سعاد ماسي), born August 23, 1972, is an Algerian Berber singer, songwriter and guitarist. She began her career performing in the Kabyle political rock band Atakor, before leaving the country following a series of death threats.

Now lives in Paris, and records on Island records and was playing in London’s Jazz Café earlier this week.

Souad Massi @souadmassioff


Dolphin                 1984       КРАЙ

Delfin ( born  Dolphin , real name is Andrey Vyacheslavovich Lysikov , born September 29, 1971 ) is a Russian poet and musician . Former member and songwriter of the hip-hop trio “ Bachelor Party ”, the group “ Oak Gaai ” and the project “ Misha Dolphins ”. He is better known for his solo project of the same name. Been making music professionally since 1989 when he was 18


Дельфин | Dolphin @Dolphinband


Kirsty MacColl   Days      Kite



Monsieur Doumani         Hey You               Angathin

Formed in 2011 in Nicosia Cyprus. Their third album with the symbolic name ‘Angathin’ (2018) – which translates as ‘thorn’ – addresses more than ever, the political, social and activist concerns and sensitivities of the group members and it is a call for rebellion against corruption, racism and injustice.

Monsieur Doumani @MonsieurDoumani


Maja Milinković                               Não Há Fado Sem Saudade         Fadolinka

Maja Milinkovic is a fado singer and songwriter with beautiful, charismatic and powerful voice.

She was born in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and graduated at the Music Academy in Sarajevo. She began singing at a very early age, plays the piano and guitar and works as singer, songwriter, composer and music arranger.


  1. Maja discovered and started to sing Portuguese Fado music
  2. Maja

Maja Milinkovic @MajaMilinkovic


Taina Asili           Decir Que No     Resiliencia

Taína Asili, a New York-based Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, activist and filmmaker,


Taina Asili @tainaasili


Saulo Duarte      Se Esqueça Não                Avante Delírio

Born: Belém, State of Pará, Brazil

Born in Belém and raised in Fortaleza, Saulo Duarte’s guitar playing is rooted in the Country-style picking of ‘guitarrada’ music from the north of Brazil, a sound perhaps best exemplified in the recordings of Vieira e Seu Conjunto, whose 1980s classic ‘Lambada Do Rei’ Sterns first released in 1988.

But Saulo is now living in São Paulo, the nation’s commercial hub, and with his more international sound, has become one of Brazil’s most in-demand musicians.

Saulo Duarte @sauloeaunidade


Oum      Daba      Daba

“Thought in Casablanca, conceived in Paris and recorded in Berlin,  Daba  Oum’s new album transpires the experience of a woman artist of the world.“



Balkan Alien Sound Orchestra – EP           Balkaseltzer       Basork


Robert Peoples – Violin
Martin Coyle – Bouzouki
Aideen McGinn – Vocal
Marc Forbes – Bass
Conor McAuley – Drums

The last ten years has seen them produce, promote and preserve the World Music scene in Northern Ireland, introducing live audiences to new music and cultures in addition to working within communities through interactive music performances and workshops. The group work hand in hand with organisations such as LUXe Processional Spectacle Theatre, WOMAD N.I. and Beyond Skin N.I.




Flor de Toloache              Besos de Mezcal              Indestructible

This week get a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album.


Jordan Adetunji                               Questions           Questions – Single

From his breakout performance on Stendhal 2019’s main stage to two nominations and another stellar performance at this year’s NI Music Prize, he’s went from a cult favourite act to a household name amongst the NI Music community. His most recent release, ‘Questions’, sees the rapper take from his long list of influences and delicately put his own spin on them.


With aspects of afrobeat, funk, rap and jazz playing major roles in this song, it’s another strong release for the NI artist.


Rachid Taha                        Ansit                     Je suis africain


Recorded before his death in 2018, the 16th and final solo album of Rachid Taha cannot escape the shadow of his loss. Born in Algeria, raised in France, but a citizen of rock’n’roll, Taha pogoed over boundaries, torching genres as he went. It’s fitting that the last album from a key player in Damon Albarn’s early Africa Express lineups should incorporate pan-African zeal.


Hannah James & The JigDoll Ensemble     Will We Dance?  The Woman and Her Words


Ilgi          Istabā    Tur Kur Mīti


At the beginning Iļģi was an ensemble of authentic Latvian folk music. They visited remote parts of Latvia in search for unrecorded folk songs, studied the traditional performance, as well as sewing their own traditional costumes and building their own instruments.

At the beginning Iļģi was an ensemble of authentic Latvian folk music. They visited remote parts of Latvia in search for unrecorded folk songs, studied the traditional performance, as well as sewing their own traditional costumes and building their own instruments.

ILGImusic @ILGImusic

The Cult               She Sells Sanctuary         Love

1985 – Just about the finish at 30th Anniversary tour in Britain



Saint Sister          Eternal Flame    Eternal Flame – Single

Saint Sister


Touring February and March next year in the US and Canada with

Tall Heights         Keeps Me Light Keeps Me Light – Single

Tall Heights is an electrofolk duo based in Boston, MA. The group formed in 2009 and consists of singer/guitarist Tim Harrington and singer/cellist Paul Wright. Recent touring has also featured percussionist/singer Paul Dumas. Their albums include Man of Stone and Neptune, with their third album Pretty Colors For Your Actions releasing October 2018 on Sony Masterworks.

Tall Heights




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