Around the World 29 November 2019 – playlist and show notes


This is the running order for Around the World on Slice Audio. It’s on every Friday at 8:00 pm GMT and repeated at 3:00 am Saturday.




artist track album
Laibach We Will Go to Mount Paektu Party Songs – EP
Cherym Abigail Abigail – Single
MEUTE Rushing Back Rushing Back – Single
Branko Galoic & Skakavac Orkestar Pjesma Andela (Angel Song) Angel Song
Average White Band Let’s Go Round Again Let’s Go Round Again – The Best of AWB
Runabay How Long Between the Lines
Collectif Medz Bazar Mi Mornar O
Flook Turquoise Girl / The Tree Climber / Twelve Weeks and a Day / Rounding Malin Head Ancora
Was (Not Was) Out Come the Freaks Out Come the Freaks
Shortparis Стыд Так закалялась сталь
Ryan Vail & Elma Orkestra Droves Borders
Jordan Adetunji  Questions  
Part 2    
Rachid Taha Rock El Casbah Tékitoi
Rachid Taha Je suis africain Je suis africain
The Clash (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais single
Aziza Brahim Mujayam Sahari
Braii A Queen of Lovely Dark Things Master Lovely Dark Things
Horslips King of the Fairies Dancehall Sweethearts (Bonus Tracks Version)
Mostar Sevdah Reunion Što Te Nema? Tales From a Forgotten City
Zeid Hamdan, Tanjaret Daghet & Muhammad Abdallah ذكريات بيت – Single
Hedonutopia Dayansam da Arzu Utopyası
León Benavente No Hay Miedo Vamos a Volvernos Locos
Habib Koité Yaffa (feat. M’Bouillé Koité) Kharifa
Aminata & Tautumeitas Dzīvot Citādāk  

Laibach                 We Will Go to Mount Paektu     Party Songs – EP

A pop music song from North Korea which Slovenian Avant-garde band were due to in the country when they became the first western rock musicians to play there. “We Will Go to Mount Paektu” is in praise of the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un. But the censors said “No” because the song had been altered – Maybe I’ll compare and contrast in a later programme – sounds like Christmas special stuff

The other main part of their performance was playing The Sound of Music which they went on to release as an album last year.



Branko Galoic & Skakavac Orkestar         Pjesma Andela (Angel Song)       Angel Song

I played a piece a few weeks ago by Branko Galoic who contacted me a the next day and suggested that track for the show. He is originally from Zagreb in Croatia and his band is Skakavac Orkerter – the Grasshopper Orchestra.


Average White Band      Let’s Go Round Again     Let’s Go Round Again – The Best of AWB

From 1980 reworked in 1994 Originally from Dundee and a version of the band is still around still led by the founding member Alan Gorrie



Collectif Medz Bazar       Mi Mornar          O

Collectif Medz Bazar, formed in Paris in 2012, is an urban diaspora band comprised of musicians belonging to Armenian, Turkish, French and American cultures.

Flook     Turquoise Girl / The Tree Climber / Twelve Weeks and a Day / Rounding Malin Head     Ancora



“Out Come the Freaks” Single by Was (Not Was) from the album Was (Not Was)

Released             1981 Was (Not Was) is an American pop rock group founded by David Weiss and Don Fagenson, who adopted the stage names David Was and Don Was.[2] They gained popularity in the 1980s and early 1990s.


Shortparis           Стыд     Так закалялась сталь

Styd  – Tak zakalyalas’ stal’ Shame So steel  was tempered

Shortparis is a Russian experimental indie pop band formed in Saint Petersburg in 2012.


Rachid Taha        Rock El Casbah  Tékitoi


Rachid Taha        Je suis africain   Je suis africain

“Born in Algeria, raised in France, but a citizen of rock’n’roll,” Guardian

Good biog here:

Native name رشيد طه
Born 18 September 1958
Sig or OranFrench Algeria
Died 12 September 2018 (aged 59)
Paris, France


The Clash            (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais      single

16 June 1978



Aziza Brahim      Mujayam             Sahari

Aziza Brahim grew up in a refugee camp in the Algerian desert, along with thousands of others who were removed from their homes in the Western Sahara. That experience is reflected on the cover of the album with a young girl in a ballet shoes and tutu. Behind her stand the tents and buildings of a refugee camp. There’s a desert on the ground and a burning blue sky above.


Braii       A Queen of Lovely Dark Things Master  Lovely Dark Things

BRAII is an alternative music band formed in 2017 in Kyiv (UA), playing in post punk and indie rock genres with fresh tones of Eastern European song tradition.

Influences: Joy Division, Cure, The Velvet Underground, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star,



Zeid Hamdan, Tanjaret Daghet & Muhammad Abdallah    ذكريات  (Home)


Zeid Hamdan  is the producer behind soapkills , Maryam Saleh , Maii Waleed , the new government , Hiba mansouri , Kanjha Kora . founder of



Hedonutopia  Dayansam da  Arzu  Utopyası (Utopia) Formed in Izmir in 2008 and now living in Istanbul. This is their 4th album.

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